Winning Team Programs

Don't confuse being nice with a winning team mindset

A winning team happens by design

A winning mindset is not something you learn in a classroom. It is something that forms over time, and requires discipline, a growth mindset, and the adoption of specific behaviours. These need to be believed, understood, practiced, enforced, and applied by all team members

A successful team requires resilience, commitment, an ability to self-manage, “can do thinking,” and the skills on how to deal with setbacks

Our two experimental team programs are tailored to the specific needs of a client

1. our winning team advance:

Don’t have a “Retreat” … Have an “Advance.” Designed and constructed over one or two days where participants will go through the Forming – Storming – Norming and Performing of Team Dynamics, where they get to safely learn, practice, and apply the desired team disciplines and behaviours, whilst selected leaders will be taught how to facilitate and debrief the co-designed team initiatives. Participants will commit to agreed core values and behaviours, as well as a set of collective and personal 100 day actions.

2. Our 32 hour challenge:

The ability to self-manage is a core life skill. It is not learnt in a classroom. This life shaping program is conducted over 32 hours, where participants learn and apply key self-management qualities such as resilience, optimism, accountability, collaboration, and self-awareness. A device free activity, participants will be given the tools and guidance to learn, practice and apply self- management and team dynamic skills. This program is for all team members who aspire to be part of a winning team, and accept they are all responsible for team dynamics. To appreciate Summer, you first need to experience Winter! Ideal mechanism for our next generation of leaders and influencers.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

You cannot learn life skills in a classroom! Qualities such as resilience, collaboration, problem solving, optimism, creativity, and empathy require repeated practice and application in all circumstances

– David Stewart

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