Maurice Blackburn Case Study

Maurice Blackburn – We Fight For Fair

The Client

Maurice Blackburn is the leading Australian Law firm. 

The Issue

Business had grown from a small Melbourne Based Plaintiff Law Firm – to become a National Group with over 80 offices. The market was becoming increasingly competitive, with many competitors turning to mainstream media to promote their services .The Partners recognised the need to engage all office staff and lawyers in the need to work effectively together – using a set of clear principles – to provide a consistent and unrivalled client and referrer lived experience. Given the legal process is a new and a quite daunting and emotional for most clients, it was important to front end and back end of what is promised and provided to a client is aligned, understood, observable and consistent. The key being for each office to forge a set of authentic and valued relationships with referrers and clients by earning their trust by fulfilling their promises and commitments. This in turn would build a strong referrer base and provide a platform for growth.

The Plan & Methodology

Develop and fuel a “dissatisfaction with the status quo” mindset with the Partners and Office Leaders by gaining feedback from clients, referrers, staff and legal outcomes – to capture what is done well and what could be improved or accelerated. This was achieved via a combination of storytelling, listening posts and surveys. The was feedback via a series of “inconvenient truth” workshops to share the results and talk through ideas and solutions. A common and consistent framework was developed focusing on

The Outcomes

What Our Clients Have to Say

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