Case Studies

David prides himself on his strong and long-lasting working relationships with a variety of clients across a wide range of industries.

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

RYP International collaborated with the Maurice Blackburn leadership team and staff members to develop a set of values and behaviours that adequately reflected the firm’s desired values. These were then adapted at an organisational level through a series of staff ‘team advances’ and ‘workshops’, which aimed to set service standards, implement business plans and evaluate performance measures. 

RACWA (Insurance)

RAC Insurance was losing market share in an increasingly competitive market. This was having a negative impact on morale and confidence, as well as the organisation’s brand, and the leadership team’s credibility, and business performance.
A cultural transformation was needed to reflect an achievement culture. This required a co-design process that was rolled out by the organisation’s Leadership Team and their Front-Line Leaders. The process focused on the implementation of a more innovative, commercial and united team culture that would deliver operational excellence to their Members and a clear point of difference.


A-Gas is one of the fastest growing Environmental Service Companies in the world. They needed to align its internal culture with its brand values in a manner which engaged and motivated the staff. This also had to deliver a clear message that it was a market leader through their superior service, technical knowledge, product innovation, product handling, commitment to safety, and lived client experience.


Changing Government Legislation on the tax deductibility of financed automobiles threatened to destroy NLC‘s business model, and thus all commercial value of the business. This subsequently forced the need to reduce its workforce by 50%. A new business model needed to be developed along with a proactive and commercially minded staff culture.


The Australian Trucking Association (ATA)

At a time when heavy vehicle accidents were at an all-time high, the Australian Trucking Association needed a major overhaul to implement a recognised safety accreditation program that addressed driver health and well-being nationwide.
RYP International researched, designed, trialled and implemented a driver safety program, now called ‘Trucksafe’, which addressed the key standards including driver health, driver fatigue, vehicle maintenance and safety checks. The initiative was hailed the largest preventative men’s health program in the country and made Australia a trailblazer for driver fatigue management programs. Since it’s implementation the trucking industry has maintained this initiative and is now credited as one of the safest heavy-vehicle industries in the world.

Actron Air

As a family owned Australian Air-Conditioning Manufacturer, Actron Air had grown to a point where it needed to mature and formalise its approach to business, so it could build a platform for future growth. 
A strategic plan was developed via a co-designed and collaborative manner – requiring the input and support of the Executive Team, Front-Line Leaders, State Managers and Family Members.