Australian Trucking Association Case Study

When heavy vehicle accidents were at an all-time high

The Client

Australian Trucking Association they approached David at a time when heavy vehicle accidents were at an all-time high.

The Issue

After a series of high profile and tragic heavy vehicle collisions along the East Coast Of Australia which saw the loss of many lives – a subsequent investigation found the trucking industry had no set of safety standards when it came to vehicle maintenance – driver health – driver training – and some form of quality management system. The challenge was made for the industry to come up with some form of Professional Safety System itself or be Regulated by Government

The Plan & Methodology

Using a co-design methodology to research existing good practices, design a safety framework and program, test and validate the practicality, impact and implementation of the system, refine and create a third party and self-audit process, and finally promote the benefits and roll out to the rest of the industry . The safety system needed to address
Over the Course of Five Years, a peak working group was formed to oversee the design, development and project management of a process that included:

The Outcomes

What Our Clients Have to Say

He was confronted by an industry out of control. 

Today, co-operation has replaced confrontation, and David Stewart was a key influencer in this process by intimately working with Australia’s giant road transport industry to help facilitate a collective approach to bringing about a safer trucking industry that has saved lives, and deliver major changes in its ‘culture’

Andrew Higginson

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