RACI-WA Case Study

RAC Insurance in WA

The Client

RACI is the leading local Insurer of WA in Australia.

The Issue

RAC is a Member based organisation committed to enhancing and protecting the lives of Western Australians. Its insurance business faced a back drop of rapidly declining market share, the threat of increased competition, a succession of several departed CEO’s and a workforce who were disengaged and required to move its culture from one of compliance to one of pride, unity, proactivity and commerciality. Under a new Executive Team & CEO it was agreed a new culture needed to be pursued to grow market share and become the logical home and motor insurer in Western Australia

The Plan & Methodology

A Five-Year Roadmap was developed with the Executive Team Called “On the Move”. The plan was synthesized down to one page called Game Plan on a Page and had five core pillars

The methodology targeted and focused on building the Capability and Capacity of the Front-Line Leaders to develop and coach their teams through the above five strategic pillars. There was a relentless focus on cascading the Game Plan on a Page and 5 strategic pillars down into each area of the business By

The Outcomes

Staff turnover dramatically dropped, whilst team engagement and morale metrics greatly improved that helped deliver

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