Wear the Reaching Your Pinnacle (RYP) cap and make a stance to commit to:

Being Enthusiastic / Living Life / Making a Difference.

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Reaching Your Pinnacle Cap

Reaching Your Pinnacle (RYP) has 3 guiding principles:

  1. Be Enthusiastic
  2. Be Curious – Live Life!
  3. Make a Difference

Reaching Your Pinnacle is a Mindset – Not a Destination

When you wear this cap, you are making a commitment to:

    • Pursue being the best version of yourself
    • Engage with People. Learn who they are – not what they are
    • Have a positive energy about you. It always precedes you.
    • Embracing life moments – Have a crack at things
    • Have an “AS WELL AS” Mindset – rather than “either – or”
    • Focus on PROGRESS – not change – Have a Growth Mindset
    • Have a FULFILLED diary – rather than a full one
    • Support Others – Applaud their successes – don’t judge
    • Travel – It is the best cure for Ignorance