Leader’s Lead Culture

In a rapidly changing world, alignment, agility, and adaptability are critical to team success. These are the cultural attributes that require leadership attention. INTRODUCTION The ability for any team to successfully navigate an uncertain future comes down to a Leaders ability to Lead and Influence Team Culture. There is no question that COVID has placed […]

How to Avoid Being a Toxic Leader

Self-awareness is the key OVERVIEW Leadership presents itself in many different forms. There is the anointed formal leader of a team, situational leaders who step up when presented the opportunity, informal leaders who influence others, and leaders by title who have a job function which defines them as a leader. All influence team dynamics by […]

Empowerment Requires Leadership Facilitation NOT Delegation

A Guide for Leaders to help set Employee Empowerment up for Success Empowerment does not mean the abrogation of responsibility Warren Buffett Times of economic uncertainty provide an opportunity to renew and refresh team engagement and the empowerment of team members. Any rebound out of COVID will require team members to be focused on market […]

Culture is what makes every Team Tick

Culture cannot be deferred to the responsibility of HR. It has to be the responsibility of the entire Leadership Team. Like a brand, culture is a story constantly being told. It requires the executive team to lead and role model it, to ensure that managers and frontline leaders will personify it in their daily actions […]

Culture is Something You Experience, Not a Score

Every Workplace Culture is reflected in the lived experience of staff and customers. Culture guides performance whilst strategy drives performance. Culture fuels the behaviours, attitudes, decision making, and problem solving ability of staff. In essence it is the way things are done. So how can it be measured? What follows are some approaches to assess […]

15 Culture Myth Busting Tips

Team Culture is the difference between a team that performs and a team that does not. It is the intangible point of difference of any organisation. It is difficult to see and measure but is something felt and experienced every day in every interaction with every team member, customer, client or supplier. Put simply, it’s […]

Seven Culture Shaping Tips for Leaders

You do not change a culture; you ‘shape’ them. Anything worth achieving takes time, effort, leadership commitment and above all persistence. To effect lasting positive change in any team, many subtle and overt leadership techniques and methodologies are required. What follows are 7 Leadership Traits that will help shape lasting change and produce outcomes. Tip […]

The 5 Principles All Winning Teams Have

We have never run a planning conference or training session where the participants struggled to articulate the attributes required in order for a team to be successful.  However, the key is to put the theory into practice.  What follows are five team principles any team requires in order to have sustained success. They provide a framework […]