Why Staff Leave or Stay – A Leader’s Dilemma

INTRODUCTION The story behind why staff leave is always more than just money. COVID has forced many people to reflect on where they are at in their life, what drives and fulfills them personally, and what they are seeking from their career. This introspection is an important dynamic to understand for both leaders and Staff […]

Leader’s Lead Culture

In a rapidly changing world, alignment, agility, and adaptability are critical to team success. These are the cultural attributes that require leadership attention. INTRODUCTION The ability for any team to successfully navigate an uncertain future comes down to a Leaders ability to Lead and Influence Team Culture. There is no question that COVID has placed […]

How to Avoid Being a Toxic Leader

Self-awareness is the key OVERVIEW Leadership presents itself in many different forms. There is the anointed formal leader of a team, situational leaders who step up when presented the opportunity, informal leaders who influence others, and leaders by title who have a job function which defines them as a leader. All influence team dynamics by […]

Empowerment Requires Leadership Facilitation NOT Delegation

A Guide for Leaders to help set Employee Empowerment up for Success Empowerment does not mean the abrogation of responsibility Warren Buffett Times of economic uncertainty provide an opportunity to renew and refresh team engagement and the empowerment of team members. Any rebound out of COVID will require team members to be focused on market […]

Rebooting Your Team Post COVID

How to Lead & Motivate Your Remote & Co-located Workforce Accountability, Agility & Alignment Are The Three Necessary Team Ingredients for 2021 David Stewart The COVID Pandemic has required organisations to adapt to a new (previously unseen) reality; the need to lead, engage and manage both co-located and remote team members.  The next twelve months […]

Five Tips For Leading out of COVID-19

It is only when the tide goes out do you discover who has been swimming naked Warren Buffet The COVID-19 Pandemic is a once in a generation crisis which will create a new normal in how we live, work, and transact our lives. Whilst this is a new phenomenon for Leaders to deal with, history […]

Six Team Attributes I Learnt Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

It’s not every day you have the opportunity of trekking up Africa’s highest peak with one of your children. One of my daughters invited me to accompany her and one of her work colleagues to an 8-day trek up Mt Kilimanjaro. Apart from the usual need to get trek fit, have the right equipment and […]

How to Build Your Authentic Leadership Brand

Your WORDS (talk) reveal what you are THINKING and your ACTIONS (walk) reveal what you BELIEVE To be judged as an authentic leader, your walk and talk must be aligned. Every leader (as does every parent) has their own style of how they talk the talk and walk the walk. How a leader adapts their […]

Leading Yourself: What’s your Formula?

Leadership is not a part time work habit, but a full time life quest. The first test of leadership is your ability to lead yourself, and how you role model your formula of leadership to your family, friends and work colleagues. With the start of the calendar year, I thought it would be a good […]

Your ‘Year-End Elite Team Performance Review Framework’

The end of year provides a great time to have some critical reflection on the performance of your team and the effectiveness of your leadership. Like any elite sport organisation, a formal annual review requires a clear framework upon which to reflect on the team performance and set out a course to step up and […]